JJ's Sweet Rub Backyard Grill Bowl

JJ's Backyard Grill Bowl Recipe mimics the ingredients and process of a trip to Mongolian Grill, right in your own backyard! 
This is a great option for large group gatherings, as you can prep the ingredients beforehand and each dish can be personalized to taste!
- Beef: Chuck Roast
- Chicken: Mixture of thighs and breast
- Pork: Loin
- JJ's Sweet Rub or JJ's Sweet Heat, to taste
- Water
- Vegetable Oil
- Apple Cider Vinegar or White Vinegar
- Soy Sauce
- Teriyaki Sauce
Optional Bowl Ingredients
White Rice
- Lo Mein Noodles
- Mushrooms
- Olives
- Bell Peppers
- Onions
- Bean Sprouts
- Bamboo Shoots
- Water Chestnuts
- Pineapple
- Mini Corn
- Celery
- Minced Garlic
- Mini Shrimp
Prep Meat 1-2 Days Before Cooking
1. Trim and cube your choice of meat as desired
2. Heavily coat meat in your choice of JJ's Sweet Rubs (Sweet Heat will add an extra kick of spice)
3. Place meat in storage container with mixture containing 2 parts water, 1 part oil, and 1 part vinegar
4. Store in fridge until use. Stir occasionally
Day of Cooking
1. Cook rice or Lo Mein to package directions
2. Prep any vegetables or other bowl filler ingredients
3. Heat Grill to medium-high heat
4. Cook meat thoroughly on grill (Check meat temperature guides to verify safe cooking)
5. Place Cooked Meats in Pans
6. Set Up Bowl Filler Ingredients buffet-style
7. Allow each person to choose the ingredients wanted in their bowl
8. With a dash of soy sauce and teriyaki sauce, dump each bowl back on griddle and allow to heat 
9. Repeat for every guest!

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