About Us

What do two grill fanatics do when they can't find the perfect grilling seasoning?

They create it of course!

When you think you have enough, add a little more!

Two hardworking Wyomingites with a passion for great food, Jason and Jared knew what they wanted in the perfect seasoning: no added fillers, layers of flavor, and liberal application. Months of testing and perfecting the recipe culminated in the launch of our signature seasoning: JJ's Sweet Rub! We have since released two new seasonings, JJ's Sweet Heat and JJ's Gunpowder.


As two skilled laborers themselves, Jason and Jared value the work ethic and determination it takes to succeed in today's college-driven society. That's why JJ's Seasonings has the goal to establish a scholarship fund specifically for Trade School students. Every purchase brings us closer to reaching this goal! 

 JJ's Seasonings are available in several store-front locations in Wyoming, Nebraska, and Washington.