JJ's Sweet Rub Smoked Nuts

JJ's Sweet Rub Smoked Nuts are the perfect snack to pack in your lunch and enjoy every day! You can make these in bulk or cut the recipe in half for smaller portions. We used peanuts and cashews, but you can substitute your favorite nut variety as you prefer!
1 lb Peanuts
1 lb Cashews
3/4 Cup JJ's Sweet Rub Seasoning
1 Cup Warm Water
1. Put assorted nuts in a medium sized bowl
2. Fill bowl with enough warm water to cover the nuts and stir so all nuts are coated with water
3. Add in desired amount of JJ's Sweet Rub Seasoning and mix
4. Spray cooking sheet with nonstick spray and spread nut mixture on the pan
5. Put on the smoker at 250*F for one hour
6. Let cool and enjoy!
If you'd like a spicier snack, substitute our JJ's Sweet Heat seasoning for an added kick! 

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  • This recipe came to us from Jason Schrader. Thank you.

    Jason halvorsen

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